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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Native American Tribes


Before the Europeans settled in America, there were many different Native American tribes that occupied the land. 
The Apache Indians were a very violent Native American tribe. They were nomadic and they hunted wild animals like the buffalo. They rode horses. They had a lot of enemies. 

The Cherokee Indians had many villages in the mountains. They were good farmers and hunters. They had big celebrations with fun and games.

The Cheyenne Indians lived in villages too and were farmers. The women gathered wood for the fire, they cooked and harvested fruit and nuts. The men were hunters and they made bows, arrows and pipes. They liked music and dancing after dinner time.

The Navajo Indians lived in grasslands, canyons and deserts. They became famous for their beautiful and colorful blankets and rugs.

The Sioux Indians were a very powerful and large tribe. They were forced to move many times by the U.S. government, so they became very angry and attacked settlers. Near the end of the nineteenth century in the battle of Little Big Horn, the Sioux defeated the US army: this was one a very important victory in Native American history. 

(by 2LSA & 2LSB)

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