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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Native American Mythology


Native American mythology goes back in history and it can vary greatly between the hundreds of different Native American tribes. The Native American culture believes that everything is given life by divinity.
Many of the stories are stories of creation, or Emergence stories as many tribes call them.  American Indians didn’t write down their stories: they passed down through the generations orally.

In Native American mythology there are some common factors that exist with all tribes and this is the belief that there is a divine force that is behind everything, from the Indians themselves to the trees, the moon and sun. Many tribes refer to this divine force as “The Great Mystery”.  
Another important part of these myths are the use of animals. Many tribes believed that each animal species had a spiritual leader that communicated with the Indians. 

Myths are a very important part of Native American culture and storytelling. Native American myths often tell why events in nature occur and try to explain how the earth and nature have come about. 
Many Native American myths focus on natural phenomena in the world such as water, fire and wind. 

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