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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Native American Houses


Different tribes had very different weather conditions and lifestyles. 
Some tribes were agricultural; other tribes were nomadic.

Wigwams were houses used in the woodland regions. They were small and made of wooden frames covered with sheets. They were good houses for people who didn’t move from one place to another.  

Longhouses were similar to wigwams, but they were very big. Inside them there was a wooden second story used for sleeping, and separate rooms. Each longhouse housed an entire clan - 60 people! Longhouses were made for people who stayed in the same place for a long time. 

Tepees were tents in the form of a cone made of a  wooden frame with a covering of buffalo skin. They were designed to set up and break down quickly. They were good houses for people who always moved. Indians who lived on the Plains followed the movements of the buffaloes.

Grass houses were used in the South of the U.S. They were made out of wood and had grass on top. They were good homes for people in a warm climate. 

 (by 2LSB & 2LSA)

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