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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Native American Culture


The Native American culture is very old. It revolved around nature. All the tribes considered the spirits of animals as gods. Native Americans lived in harmony with the Earth. They lived in clans.
Their culture was mainly oral, based on storytelling.
Before the arrival of the settlers, there were over ten million Native Americans in the United States.
At first, Indians liked the Europeans’ white skin and technology, but they also noticed that the Europeans didn’t respect nature.
The Europeans considered them as nomads and inferior people.
Settlers pushed the American Indians away from their land. They brought many diseases from Europe that killed many Natives. Then the United States government set many reservations. A reservation is an area of land that is possessed and managed by a Native American tribe. There are 310 registered Native American Reservations in the United States.  Today in the United States there are only 2.5 million Native Americans. 1 million of them live on reservations.

(by 2LSA & 2LSB)

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