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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Nicola Giacobbo

Hi, my name is Nicola. My family name is Giacobbo.
I’m 11 years old. I’m from Italy. I live in Cittadella, it’s a city of art.
The name of my school is Luigi Pierobon and I am in class 1.
I play soccer with Cittadella and my position is defender.
My favourite soccer player is Ibrahimovic.
My favourite colours are red and black and my favourite team is Milan.

My favourite singer is Micheal Jackson and my favourite song is “Thriller”.

My favourite film is Karate Kid.

My favourite band is U2.

I’m 1,50 meters high. I have got brown hair and brown eyes and I have an olive complexion.
I normally wear jeans and T- shirts with sneakers.

I like pizza but I don’t like potatoes.

My favourite school subject is Physical Education and I don’t like Music.

In my family there are my mum Barbara, my dad Alessandro, my sister Marta and me.

My mum has blond hair and brown eyes.

My dad has black hair and black eyes.

My sister Marta has blond hair like mum and brown eyes. My sister goes to dancing school. She likes it very much. My parents work in a fruit shop in the centre of Cittadella.

I have got a dog called Vienna. She is brown and white.

I live in a big house with a beautiful garden. It has got a lot of trees and flowers.

My best friend is Riccardo.

Bye from Nicola.  

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