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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Tania Cagnotto

Tania Cagnotto

Tania Cagnotto was born on 15th May 1985 in Bolzano.

She is an Italian diver, she is the best Italian diver!!!

Tania’s dad, Giorgio Cagnotto, was a fantastic diver in the 1970s.

He won two silver medals at the Olympics. Now he is the coach of his daughter.

Tania’s mum, Carmen Casteiner, was for eight times champion of the platform. Now she is the technical trainer of her daughter.

When Tania was only 6 years old, she did her first dive and she understood that diving was her life.

In 2000 she positioned 7th in the 3m trampoline diving championship.
She won the gold medal at the European championship of Berlin in 2002.
In 2003 she won the gold medal at Stockholm and she joined the Guardia of Finanzia diving team.
In 2005 at Montreal she honored Italy winning the bronze medal in the trampoline diving championship.

In 2008 Tania in Peking positioned 5th! These results have never been obtained from other Italian divers.
In 2009 Tania conquered the bronze medal at the World championship in Rome. But the real surprise was the silver medal for her and Francesca Dallapè in the synchronized diving competition.

That was the first silver medal in the Italian story of synchronized diving competition.

In 2010 Tania and Francesca won the gold medal at Budapest in Synchronized diving competition; Tania won the gold medal in the 1m trampoline diving too.

Today Tania is 26 years old and still is a fantastic diver!!!!!

By Greta De Poli, 2LSA


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