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Sunday, 5 December 2010



Hi! My name’s Greta, I’m eleven and I’m Italian.
I’m from Cittadella: it is a wonderful city!
I’m a student at Pierobon Secondary School.

I live in a white house, in a small town named Laghi. In my town there are a church and a school.
I live with my mum, my dad and my dog. Next to my house lives my uncle Giuseppe. He is very funny and intelligent!

My mum’s name is Maria Olga, she is fifty-one and she’s very good. My dad is fifty-four, his name’s Tarcisio. He is a “bear”.

My best friend is Aurora but her nickname is Auri. She has got brown hair and brown eyes. She and I are “Veline”.
My favourite cousins are Lisa and Eddi. She is fifteen and he’s thirteen.

My favourite singers are J-Ax and Dario, a singer in a band named Dari. J-Ax is cool and really crazy!!! The tattoos are his passion!

My favourite foods are pizza and chips with ketchup.
My favourite film is “Step Up 3D”. It is a love and cool story!

I’m nice, funny and clever but I’m grumpy, lazy and untidy!! My uncle thinks I’m a disaster but he loves me!!!!  

I like television, chocolate and jeans.

I don’t like vegetable soup, dresses and Geography. I'm frightened of “Crudelia Demon”.

I can play tennis, dance very good and ski.
I can’t cook, sew and play the guitar.

By Greta Piovesan, I LSB

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