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Tuesday, 30 November 2010


G r a c e

Hi! I’m Grace, my surname is Marini and I’m eleven years old. My family consists of four people: my brother Jason, me, my father Giampietro and my mother Michela.
My house is very big, its colours are yellow and light grey, it’s beautiful. I have a big bedroom with a lot of photos, the bed is white and yellow, it is soft. In front of my house there’s a big garden with a gazebo, a Summer swimming pool and  nine different trees.
I have got  nine pets: two guinea pigs, two turtles, five little parrots.
My favourite film is Pirates of the Caribbean, it’s a fantastic film and Captain Sparrow is funny. My favourite singer is Lady Ga-Ga, I love the song “Alejandro” and my favourite band is Green Day, their song I love is “21 guns” (musical version).
Bye bye from Grace.

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